§ 1416-07. Development regulations

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  • Schedule 1416-07 below prescribes the development regulations for the PR district, including lot area for every unit, minimum lot width, setbacks and maximum height. Where an overlay district applies, the provisions of that district take precedence if there is conflict with the standards of this Section.

    Schedule 1416-07
    Development Regulations—Park and Recreation District

    "Yes" means additional regulations apply.
    Regulations PR Additional Regulations
    Building Form and Location
    Maximum building height (ft.) 35
    Minimum yards (ft.) 0
    Vehicle Accommodation - Driveways and Parking
    Parking lot landscaping Yes See § 1425-31
    Parking and Loading Yes See Chapter 1425
    Other Regulations
    Buffering along district boundaries Yes See § 1423-13-A
    Accessory uses and structures Yes See Chapter 1421
    General site standards Yes See Chapter 1421
    Landscaping and buffer yards Yes See Chapter 1423
    Nonconforming uses and structures Yes See Chapter 1447
    Parking and loading Yes See Chapter 1425
    Signs Yes See Chapter 1427
    Additional development regulations Yes See Chapter 1419


(Ordained by Ord. No. 0259-2007, § 1, eff. July 27, 2007)