§ 1416-05. Land use regulations  

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  • Schedule 1416-05 below prescribes the land use regulations for the PR District. The regulations are established by letter designations as follows:

    (a) "P" designates permitted uses. These uses may be subject to additional regulations as indicated.

    (b) "L" designates uses that are permitted, subject to certain limitations. Numeric suffixes refer to limitations listed at the bottom of Schedule 1416-05. Except as otherwise indicated, modifications of a numerical, locational or dimensional limitation requires a variance under Chapter 1445 - Variances, Special Exceptions and Conditional Uses.

    (c) "C" designates uses permitted only after review and approval of the conditional use by the Zoning Hearing Examiner. These uses may be subject to additional Use classifications are defined in Chapter 1401, Definitions. Use classifications not listed in Schedule 1416-05 below are prohibited.

    Schedule 1416-05:
    Use Regulations—Park and Recreation District

    Use Classifications PR Additional Regulations
    Public and Semipublic Uses
    Cemeteries L1
    Cultural institutions P
    Government Facilities and Offices—Offices L2
    Parks and Recreation Facilities P
    Public Maintenance Facilities L3
    Schools, Public or Private C
    Commercial Uses
    Restaurants, Full Service C
    Funeral and interment services L4
    Wireless communication antenna L5 See § 1419-33
    Wireless communication tower C See § 1419-33
    Agriculture and Extractive Uses
    Community gardens P See § 1419-41
    Accessory Uses
    Any accessory use not listed below L6
    Drive box L7
    Exterior lighting P See § 1421-39
    Fences and walls P See § 1421-33
    Refuse storage areas P See § 1421-35
    Portable storage containers P See § 1419-24
    Nonconforming Uses See Chapter 1447


    Specific Limitations
    L1 Only existing cemeteries allowed. L2 Office uses for the administration of Parks and Recreation Facilities, their lessees and concession operators are permitted. All other Government Offices require conditional use approval.
    L3 Public Maintenance Facilities for the maintenance of Parks and Recreation Facilities are permitted. All other Public Maintenance Facilities require conditional use approval. L4 Permitted only as an accessory use to existing Cemeteries.
    L5 Antenna height may not exceed 20 feet; greater height requires a conditional use approval. The antenna may be attached to a multi-family, public and semi-public, public utility, a commercial or industrial building or structure. L6 Accessory uses determined by the Director of Buildings and Inspections to be customarily incidental to a use of the district are permitted. All others require conditional use approval.
    L7 Accessory to a public or semi public use provided that the drivebox is at least 100 feet from any property used for residential purposes.


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