§ 911-17. Posting Bills on Streets  

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  • Except as otherwise provided in this section or in Section 714-33, no person shall post or affix to any pole or other structure on any street, avenue, alley, park or public ground of the city, any handbill, card, circular or other printed material, including directional signs; provided however, that signs may be affixed or posted with the permission of the city manager or director of public works designating the location or direction of institutions of higher learning having an enrollment in excess of 500, stadiums or arenas having a seating capacity in excess of 12,000, the Cincinnati Zoo, the Cincinnati Union Terminal, publicly-owned parks and playfields, publicly-owned parking facilities, publicly-owned airports, the municipal vehicle testing lane, publicly-owned buildings, highway destinations, highway routes, business districts located off major thoroughfares, churches located off through highways, bridges, interchanges, or ramp connections, the Art Museum; provided further that temporary signs for special events by charitable institutions may be posted with the approval of the city manager; provided further, that temporary signs giving notice of public hearings of departments, offices, boards and commissions, of the City of Cincinnati and city council or council committees may be posted in locations approved by the city manager; and provided further that newspapers of general circulation in the City of Cincinnati may be sold from racks, containers and bags attached to poles and other structures on city sidewalks in accordance with uniform rules and regulations adopted by the city manager relating to the safety and unobstructed use of the streets by vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

    Whoever violates this section shall be guilty of posting bills on streets, a minor misdemeanor.

(C.M.C. 911-17; ordained by Ord. No. 523-1973, eff. Jan. 1, 1974; a. Ord. No. 413-1976, eff. Sept. 9, 1976; a. Ord. No. 129-1997, eff. April 30, 1997)


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