§ 1435-09-5. Exceptions from Requirement to obtain Certificate of Appropriateness  

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  • Nothing in this chapter is to be construed to prevent or regulate:

    (a) Ordinary and routine maintenance or repair to a Historic Asset if it entails no alteration.

    (b) Emergency repairs to public property.

    (c) Emergency demolition, when the Director of City Planning and Buildings, Chief Building Official, and the Fire Chief certify in writing that demolition is required for the immediate preservation of public safety because of an unsafe or dangerous condition that constitutes an emergency. Such determination shall be made in accordance with Cincinnati Municipal Code Chapter 1101. In making a determination about whether to issue an emergency demolition permit, the Chief Building Official shall do all of the following: (i) consult with the Urban Conservator; (ii) review all permit applications for the property filed within a period of two (2) calendar years prior to the emergency; (iii) review City records to account for all City orders which have been placed upon the property during the period of ownership by the current owner; and (iv) review City records to determine whether a vacated building maintenance license has been applied for or issued for the property.

    (d) A Public Infrastructure improvement that Council has expressly approved or that is required to be installed or maintained by law.

    For purposes of this Section 1435-09-5, the term "Public Infrastructure" shall mean any public utility line, street, roadway, or transit improvement or facility, signalization, directional or safety signage, streetscape, sidewalk or other public safety improvement, and shall not be deemed to include public buildings, parks, paver alleys, granite curbs, plazas or skywalks.

(Ordained by Ord. No. 217-2012, § 1, eff. July 20, 2012)