Title VII. General Regulations  

Chapter 701. Animals, Birds, Fowl
Chapter 703. Blasting
Chapter 704. City Hall
Chapter 707. City Vehicles
Chapter 708. Dangerous Weapons And Fireworks
Chapter 713. Fountain Square, Convention Hall
Chapter 714. Littering
Chapter 715. Public Relief
Chapter 717. Registration Of Convicted Persons
Chapter 718. Revocable Street Privileges
Chapter 719. Sewers(Repealed)
Chapter 720. Stormwater Management Code
Chapter 721. Streets And Sidewalks, Establishment And Maintenance
Chapter 722. Management And Control Of The Use Ofthe City Right-Of-Way
Chapter 723. Streets And Sidewalks, Use Regulations
Chapter 724. Permits For Adjustments To City Fixtures On Utility Poles
Chapter 725. Urban Renewal
Chapter 727. Blight Elimination
Chapter 729. Waste Disposal
Chapter 730. Commercial Waste Franchises
Chapter 731. Weed Control
Chapter 733. Weighing Of Heavy Commodities (Repealed)
Chapter 735. Weights And Measures (Repealed)
Chapter 737. Excavation And Filling Of Land (Repealed)
Chapter 739. Central Riverfront
Chapter 740. Displacement And Relocation Benefits For City-Assisted Projects
Chapter 741. Historic Conservation(Repealed)
Chapter 743. Urban Forestry
Chapter 745. Abortion
Chapter 747. City Right-Of-Way Limited Franchise Cable System Crossings
Chapter 749. Disposal Of Aborted Human Fetuses
Chapter 751. Graffiti Abatement
Chapter 753. Prostitution-Exclusion Zones (Repealed)
Chapter 755. Drug-Exclusion Zones (Repealed)
Chapter 757. City Park-Exclusion Zones (Repealed)
Chapter 758. Junk Motor Vehicles
Chapter 759. Use Of A Motor Vehicle To Facilitate A Prostitution Or Drug Related Crime
Chapter 761. Chronic Nuisance Premises
Chapter 763. Residency Prohibitions Against Sexual Offenders
Chapter 765. Special Event Permits
Chapter 767. Domestic Partnership Registry