§ 1435-09-1-B. Historic Conservation Board Review and Determination  

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  • The Historic Conservation Board has the duty to make a final appealable determination on a perfected application for Certificate of Appropriateness within a reasonable amount of time after the application is perfected, but in no event more than sixty (60) days thereof unless the applicant agrees to an extension of time or unless the Board requests additional information from the applicant and tables or continues the matter. A continued matter must be heard at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board. A tabled matter must be taken off the table and finally determined within thirty (30) days after the matter was tabled. The Board may approve, approve with conditions, or deny an application for Certificate of Appropriateness. The Board's determination on an application for Certificate of Appropriateness shall be made in writing on the Certificate of Appropriateness indicating the Board's approval, conditional approval, or denial of the application, and shall contain findings of fact and conclusions of law and shall be issued by the Urban Conservator to the applicant by certified mail not later than ten (10) business days after the date of the Board's final appealable determination, and that writing shall constitute the final appealable order of the Board. Any denial of an application shall also include a statement of the reasons why the application failed to comply with the applicable guidelines. Failure of the Urban Conservator to issue a Certificate of Appropriateness within such time period shall not invalidate the Board's determination, but shall extend the time for which the applicant has to appeal the Board's determination by one (1) day for each day the Certificate of Appropriateness is late.

(Ordained by Ord. No. 217-2012, § 1, eff. July 20, 2012)