§ 1435-03. Specific Purposes and Intent  

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  • The specific purposes and intent of the provisions of this chapter are as follows:

    (a) Historic preservation;

    (b) To promote the public health, safety and welfare;

    (c) To foster the beauty of the city;

    (d) To stabilize and increase property values;

    (e) To strengthen the local economy;

    (f) To maintain and enhance the distinctive character of historic buildings and areas;

    (g) To safeguard the heritage of the city by preserving districts and landmarks which reflect elements of its history, architecture, archaeology, engineering or culture;

    (h) To protect and enhance the city's attractions to current and prospective residents, businesses and tourists;

    (i) To facilitate reinvestment in and revitalization of certain districts and neighborhoods;

    (j) To facilitate and encourage economic development, public and private investment, and tourism in the city;

    (k) To conserve valuable material and energy resources by ongoing use and maintenance of the existing built environment; and

    (l) To maintain the historic urban fabric of the city.

(Ordained by Ord. No. 217-2012, § 1, eff. July 20, 2012)