§ 1425-38. Bicycle Parking

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  • The requirements for bicycle parking are established for the purpose of ensuring secure, weather-protected facilities to accommodate short- and long-term bicycle parking and to encourage the use of bicycles for travel as an alternative to the use of motorized vehicles.

    (a) Applicability. Bicycle parking facilities shall be provided in every new parking garage, and for every expansion of an existing parking garage when the expansion includes the provision of 60 or more additional motor vehicle parking spaces.

    (b) Maintenance. The property owner of the garage is responsible for all maintenance requirements imposed by this section.

    (c) Bicycle Parking Requirements. Bicycle parking spaces shall be provided at a rate of 1 bicycle parking space for every 20 motor vehicle parking spaces provided. In the case of a garage providing bicycle parking spaces based on an expansion, the number of bicycle parking spaces required shall be calculated based on the number of additional motor vehicle spaces created by the expansion.

    (1) Maximum. No parking garage shall be required to provide more than 24 bicycle parking spaces.

    (2) Fractional Spaces. When the units of measurement determining the number of required parking spaces result in requirement of a fractional space, any fraction up to and including one-half is rounded down to the nearest whole number and fractions of over one-half are rounded up to the next whole number.

    (d) Bicycle Parking Space Dimensions. An area no less than 2 feet in width by 6 feet in length shall be provided for each bicycle space. However, the area for each bicycle space may be reduced upon application to the Superintendent of Parking to certify that the proposed layout adequately accommodates the specified number of bicycles.

    (e) Location of Bicycle Parking Spaces.

    (1) Bicycle parking shall be located no lower than the first complete, contiguous parking level below grade, and no higher than the first complete, contiguous parking level above grade. There shall be no stairs on the access route to bicycle parking area(s).

    (2) Bicycle parking spaces shall be located inside the garage in an area that is protected from inclement weather.

    (3) Bicycle parking spaces shall be equipped with one of the following: a bicycle locker; a securely anchored floor, wall, or ceiling rack; or a similar system for securing the bicycle.

    (4) Bicycle parking shall be located in a highly visible area to minimize theft and vandalism.

    (5) Bicycle parking shall be separated from motor vehicle parking spaces and lanes of traffic by a physical barrier (such as a curb or bollard).

    (6) An aisle or other space at least 5 feet wide shall be provided behind all required bicycle parking to allow room for bicycle maneuvering.

    (7) The Department of Transportation and Engineering maintains a handbook of racks and siting guidelines that meet the standards of this section.

    (f) Standards for Bicycle Racks. Where required bicycle parking is provided by racks, the racks shall meet the following standards:

    (1) The bicycle frame and one wheel can be locked to the rack with a high security, U-shaped shackle lock and cable lock if both wheels are left on the bicycle. Bicycle racks that support the wheel but not the frame of the bike may not be used to fulfill a bicycle parking requirement.

    (2) A bicycle 6 feet long can be securely held with its frame supported so that the bicycle cannot be pushed or fall in a manner that will damage the wheels or components.

    (3) The rack shall be securely anchored.

    (g) Notice of Bicycle Parking. A sign shall be provided at each point of bicycle entry to the parking garage, mounted with its center between four and six feet above the ground, directly visible and unobstructed from the street. The entry sign shall match exactly the designated sign on file with the Department of Transportation & Engineering. Bicycle parking signs shall not be used in the calculation of maximum total sign area.

(Ordained by Ord. No. 156-2010, § 1, eff. June 12, 2010)