§ 1425-07. Spaces Required for Multiple Uses  

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  • If more than one use is located on a site, the number of off-street parking and loading spaces to be provided must be equal to the sum of the requirements prescribed for each use. If the gross floor area of individual uses on the same site is less than that for which a loading space would be required in Schedule 1425-21-B, but the aggregate gross floor area of all uses is greater than the minimum for which loading spaces would be required, then the aggregate gross floor area must be used in determining the required number of loading spaces according to the loading user group. If individual uses are in different loading user groups, the standards for the user group with the lowest number applies. See also provisions of § 1425-21 and § 1425-25.

(Ordained by Ord. No. 15-2004, eff. Feb. 13, 2004; a. Ord. No. 0346-2007, § 12, eff. Oct. 13, 2007)