§ 1425-03. Requirements for Off-Street Parking and Loading  

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  • Off-street parking and loading spaces must be provided for uses that are established, enlarged, extended or moved onto any lot after the effective date of these zoning regulations, or of a subsequent rezoning or other amendment establishing or increasing parking or loading requirements for the uses, except within an Urban Parking Overlay District established according to Section 1425-04. When an expanded use results in an increase of more than ten percent in the number of currently required parking spaces, additional parking must be provided for the additional space based on the standards of this chapter.

(Ordained by Ord. No. 15-2004, eff. Feb. 13, 2004; a. Ord. No. 121-2008, § 1, eff. May 23, 2008; Ord. No. 259-2013, § 3, eff. Sept. 7, 2013)