§ 1119-04. Light, Ventilation and Occupancy Limitations  

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  • 1119-04.1 Scope: The provisions of this section shall govern the minimum conditions and standards for the light, ventilation and space for the occupancy of a structure.

    1119-04.1.1 Alternative devices: In lieu of the means for natural light and ventilation herein prescribed, artificial light or mechanical ventilation shall be permitted in accordance with CBC.

    1119-04.2 Required illumination: Every common hall and stairway required as a means of egress, shall be lighted at all times with at least a 60 watt standard incandescent bulb or equivalent for each 200 square feet of floor area, provided that the spacing between the lights shall not be greater than 30 feet. Every exterior stairway, if required as a means of egress, shall be illuminated with a minimum of one foot candle at floors, landings and treads.

    1119-04.3 Ventilation: In occupied rooms or spaces in which the lack of ventilation air is deemed by the director of buildings and inspections to constitute a dangerous or unsafe condition, ventilation air shall be provided in accordance with CBC.

    1119-04.3.1 Maintenance of existing systems: Existing ventilation air systems shall be maintained in a safe and sanitary condition and shall not be rendered inoperable or reduced below the requirements of the CBC.

    1119-04.3.2 Process ventilation: Where injurious, toxic, irritating or noxious fumes, gases, dust, or mists are generated, a local exhaust ventilation system shall be provided to remove the contaminating agent at the source. Air shall be exhausted to the exterior in accordance with Ohio Environmental Protection Agency standards and not be recirculated to any space.

(Ordained by Ord. No. 67-1996, eff. Apr. 5, 1996)