§ 1107-17. Certificate of Inspection and Operations  

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  • The director of buildings and inspections shall issue a final certificate of inspection and operation for each unit of equipment which has satisfactorily met all the inspections and tests required by this Article, as follows:

    (1) When the director of buildings and inspections is satisfied that an elevator, escalator, or lift conforms to the applicable provisions of the CBC and OBC, he shall issue a renewal certificate upon payment of the inspection fee established under Section 1101-85. All such equipment shall be subject to an order to cease operation within ten days after the expiration of a certificate.

    (2) The first certificate shall be issued gratis for an elevator, escalator, or lift installed, or altered under a valid permit.

(Ordained by Ord. No. 67-1996, eff. Apr. 5, 1996; a. Ord. No. 404-1996, eff. Dec. 18, 1996; a. Ord. No. 59-2002, eff. March 28, 2002; Emer. Ord. 114-2014, § 3, eff. June 4, 2014)