§ 1041-11. Application for Environmental Justice Permit; Application Fee  

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  • Each applicant for an EJ permit shall provide a complete verified application, including Comprehensive Information. The application for an EJ permit shall be submitted to the Office of Environmental Quality no later than 14 days after a Proposed Project's receipt of a license, permit or permit modification or submission of any report or notification which meets the criteria set forth for a Proposed Project in Sections 1041-5-L or 1041-5-M.

    Within ten days of receiving the application for the EJ permit, the Office of Environmental Quality will perform a completeness review, and either notify the applicant that the application is complete, or provide to the applicant a detailed list of the missing items. If the application is complete, the Office of Environmental Quality shall forward the materials to the EJ Examiner for consideration.

    Application fee for an EJ permit shall be at a cost basis as determined by the Director of the Office of Environmental Quality, in consultation with the EJ Examiner. Such application fee shall not exceed $1,000 for any Proposed Project.

    Application for or receipt of an EJ permit does not eliminate or replace the requirement for any other federal, state or local permit or approval.

(Ordained by Ord. No. 0210-2009, § 1, eff. July 24, 2009)