§ 891-7. Notice of Cancellation  

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  • A completed detachable form, in duplicate captioned "Notice of Cancellation," shall be attached to the home improvement contract. The notice of cancellation shall be in ten-point, bold-face type and be in the following form:


    (Enter date of transaction)


    You may cancel this transaction, without any penalty or obligation, within three business days from the above date.

    If you cancel this home improvement contract, any payments made by you under the home improvement contract and any negotiable instrument executed by you will be returned within ten business days following receipt by the home improvement contractor of your cancellation notice, and any security interest arising out of the transaction will be cancelled.

    To cancel this transaction, mail or deliver a signed and dated copy of this cancellation notice or any other written notice of cancellation to:

    (Name of home improvement contractor)

    at _____, not later than midnight of

    (Address of home improvement contractor's place of business)

    I hereby cancel this transaction.


    (Owner's signature)

    Before furnishing copies of the notice of cancellation to the owner, the home improvement contractor shall complete both copies by entering the name of the owner, the address of the home improvement contractor's place of business, the date of the transaction which is the date the owner signed the home improvement contract and the date, not earlier than the third business day following the date of the transaction, by which the owner may give notice of cancellation.

(C.M.C. 891-7; ordained by Ord. No. 398-1989, eff. Oct. 11, 1989)