§ 891-15. Preemption by State or Federal Law; Limitation of Registration; Power of City to Regulate  

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  • (a) Where any provision of this chapter conflicts with any federal or state law, the federal or state law shall prevail.

    (b) Registration pursuant to these sections may not be construed to authorize the registrant to perform any particular type of work or kind of business which is reserved to qualified licensees under separate provisions of state or local law, nor shall any license or authority other than the registration granted under these sections be construed to authorize the registrant to engage in business as a home improvement contractor or home improvement salesperson.

    (c) Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to limit or restrict the power of the city to regulate the quality, performance, or character of work of home improvement contractors, including a system of permits and inspections which are designed to secure compliance with and aid in the enforcement of applicable state and local building laws, or to enforce other laws necessary for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare.

    (d) Nothing in this chapter shall limit the power of this city to adopt any system of permits requiring submission to and approval by the city of plans and specifications for an installation prior to the commencement of construction of the installation or of inspection of work done.

(C.M.C. 891-15; ordained by Ord. No. 398-1989, eff. Oct. 11, 1989)