§ 865-5. Theatre License Fees  

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  • The operation of any theatre, moving picture theatre, concert hall, or other place of amusement, entertainment or exhibition shall be subject to the payment by the owner or lessee thereof, of an annual license fee, for the period commencing on the date of issuance of the license and terminating on the 365th day thereafter, at the following rates:

    Per seat for the first 500 seats, 75 cents.

    Per seat for over 500 seats, 60 cents.

    Where the accommodation is provided by benches or otherwise than by individual seats; the space of 18 inches shall be counted as a seat. License fees shall be payable annually in advance; provided that temporary licenses may be issued for periods of less than 20 consecutive days, at a rate per day equal to one-twentieth of the annual license fee which would be payable but in no event less than $25.00.

    The license fee payable hereunder shall include all activities conducted within the theatre.

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