§ 846-1-M1. Motor Vehicle Salvage Lot  

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  • "Motor vehicle salvage lot" shall mean any place where the buying, selling or storing of used motor vehicle parts, exclusive of tires, or the salvaging of motor vehicles, or the bringing of any motor vehicles thereon for the purpose of removing parts, accessories, equipment or sections or portions therefrom for sale to others, or the storing, keeping, buying or selling of junked, wrecked, scrapped, ruined, dismantled or inoperable motor vehicle occurs, with the exception of establishments or places where motor vehicles, wrecked or otherwise, are being held due to impoundment by a police officer, or which are maintained principally for the repair of wrecked or damaged motor vehicles. In no event shall the exception pertaining to those engaged principally in the repair of motor vehicles apply to establishments or places wherein any wrecked or damaged motor vehicle is permitted to remain outside of a completely enclosed area for a period of more than one week, or where more than 15 wrecked or damaged motor vehicles are permitted to remain outside of a completely enclosed area at any one time. The term motor vehicle salvage lot shall also include any piece of property on which there is habitually kept two or more inoperable motor vehicles. A collection of motor vehicle parts and similar metal parts occupying the space of one automobile shall be considered as one motor vehicle under the terms of this definition.

(Sec. 755-1; ordained by Ord. No. 434-1969, eff. Jan. 15, 1970; renumbered to C.M.C. 846-1-M1, eff. Jan. 1, 1972)