§ 727-3-P. Preliminary Designation Report  

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  • "Preliminary designation report" shall mean a report drafted by the city manager or his designee, upon a request of a majority of the members of the council, analyzing whether a particular property is "blighted property." The report shall contain the specific criteria, if any, that support a finding that the property is "blighted property" and the basis for the city manager's determination. The report shall include all supporting documents and any other information upon which the city manager relies to form his opinion. If the council has not yet determined that the property is a "high-crime property" and the city manager determines that the property may be eligible for designation as a "high-crime property," the city manager must request that council conduct the hearing as set forth in § 727-15 prior to the completion of the preliminary designation report.

(Ordained by Emer. Ord. No. 044-2011, § 1, eff. Feb. 16, 2011)