§ 727-15. Procedure for Determination of High Crime Property  

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  • In order to be deemed a high-crime property, the council must request a report from the Cincinnati Police Department containing the arrest and offense reports at the particular property for the prior two years. The arrest and offense reports shall be broken down by Part I and Part II crimes. The report shall also contain an evaluation by the chief of the Cincinnati Police Department as to whether a particular and consistent problem exists at the property, such that it should be declared a "high-crime property." Upon receipt of the report, a public hearing shall be set to consider the report. The owner of record shall be notified by the clerk of council at least 14 days in advance of the hearing; the notice shall contain a copy of the report. Following the public hearing, the council shall make a determination as to whether the property shall be deemed a "high-crime property." The council may initiate the hearing at any time concurrently with or after a request for a preliminary designation report or upon a request of the city manager.

(Ordained by Emer. Ord. No. 044-2011, § 1, eff. Feb. 16, 2011)