§ 704-7. Peddling, Begging Prohibited  

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  • No person shall expose anything for sale within or about the city hall building except at a regular stand or stands which may be authorized by the city manager for the vending of newspapers, periodicals, confections, tobacco products and such other articles as may be approved by the city manager; nor shall any hawking, peddling, soliciting, except for a charitable purpose, or begging of any kind be allowed within or about the building.

    Nothing in this section shall be construed to restrict the allowance of discounts on special events or discounts on entry tickets to public places for the benefit of city employees.

(C.O. 734-4; renumbered to C.M.C. 704-7, eff. Jan. 1, 1972; a. Ord. No. 59-1982, eff. Mar. 26, 1982)


Penalty, § 704-99.