§ 3. Disqualification of Eligibles and Removal from List  

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  • After the creation of an eligible list, if the Commission has reason to believe that any person whose name appears on a list is disqualified for appointment because of reasons which developed subsequent to his examination; such person shall be notified and given an opportunity to be heard. If such person fails to appear for a hearing, or upon being heard fails to satisfy the Commission, his name shall be removed from the appropriate list. The following are cause for disqualification:

    A. Inability to perform the duties of the classification;

    B. Errors disclosed in computing scores;

    C. False statements made on the application;

    D. Any personal activity for which a background investigation demonstrates the likelihood of an adverse effect on his performance in the position to which he seeks appointment, or activity prohibited by the Ohio Revised Code;

    E. Failure to report or arrange within three days after receiving notice of certification (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excepted) for an interview with an appointing authority;

    F. Dismissal from City service within the last two years in the case of a City employee who has competed on an open exam;

    G. Any other similar reason.

    The name may be reinstated on the eligible list only by a written satisfactory explanation of the circumstances submitted to and approved by the Commission.