§ 1. Posting of Lists  

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  • From the results of each examination, the Commission shall prepare and keep open for public inspection an eligible list of persons who achieve the minimum passing score or better on the examination and are otherwise eligible. Such persons shall be notified and take rank upon the eligible list in the order of their relative grades without reference to priority of time of examination. Whenever it becomes necessary to re-administer an examination in order to obtain additional eligibles, the Commission may consolidate existing lists for the same class by rearranging the eligible names therein according to their grades. Each person whose name appears on the existing list which is to be merged with a new list shall have an opportunity to compete in the second examination, provided he meets the qualifications. Standing on the eligible list then shall be determined by the grade on the subsequent examination. Those eligibles who do not take the second examination will remain on the list according to their grade on the earlier exam and will be removed from the list when the expiration date from the first list is reached.