§ 6. Method of Grading Examinations  

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  • Each part of the examination for each classification shall be graded separately. Scores for each part shall be continuous (e.g. 1 to 100) or discrete (e.g. pass/fail). Weighting of the various parts of the examination shall be based upon the results of the job analysis. When supported by the results of the job analysis, part(s) of the exam may be used to determine eligibility to compete on a later part(s) of the exam, and such part(s) may either be weighted or not weighted in the computation of the final score. Passing scores will be determined after the examination by the Civil Service examiner together with the Secretary. Determination of the passing score will be based on the results of the job analysis, analysis of examination results, consultation with subject matter experts, or other professional methods. The final grade for each candidate shall be a single score. If two or more candidates receive the same final grade, a candidate with veteran's preference will be ranked above a non-veteran. Ties between veterans and ties between non-veterans will be broken by priority of filing date on applications as indicated by the time stamp. The names of the applicants receiving a passing score shall be posted in the Commission's offices and entered on the appropriate eligible list. The grade of any applicant failing to qualify shall not be made public.