§ 4. Contents of Examinations  

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  • Examinations held to establish an eligible list for any class may consist of the following parts. The parts listed below may be given a weight in examinations or may be used in excluding from further examination applicants who do not meet the minimum required standards as outlined in the Examination Announcement/Job Posting.

    A. Written Tests: This part, when required, shall include a written demonstration designed to measure the degree to which an applicant possesses the minimum qualifications, or their education, training and experience as it relates to the minimum qualifications established for the class of positions to which they seek appointment. The Secretary may, in his discretion, verify a competitor's statements as to training and experience and govern his rating accordingly.

    B. Structured Oral Interview: This part, when required, may be used under the supervision of the Civil Service staff in examinations where a written test is unnecessary, impracticable or insufficient.

    C. Performance Tests: This part, when required, shall include such tests of performance or trade as will determine the ability and manual skill of competitors to perform the work involved.

    D. Physical Ability Tests: This part, when required, shall consist of tests of physical condition, muscular strength, agility, and physical fitness of competitors.

    E. Medical/Physical Fitness: This part, when required, shall include an evaluation conducted by a licensed physician authorized by the Civil Service Commission concerning job-related criteria as determined by the Commission.

    F. Behavior/Psychological Assessment Tests: This part, when required, shall include written, oral, or performance tests which predict the suitability of candidates to perform the work involved in the classification.