§ 7. Rejection of Application, Refusal to Appoint, Examine or Certify Applicants  

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  • The Secretary may, refuse to appoint or examine an applicant, or after an examination, refuse to certify the applicant as eligible, who is/has

    A. found to lack any of the established preliminary requirements for the examination.

    B. addicted to the habitual use of intoxicating liquors or drugs to excess.

    C. a pattern of poor work habits and performance with previous employers.

    D. guilty of infamous or notoriously disgraceful conduct.

    E. dismissed from either branch of the civil service for delinquency or misconduct.

    F. made false statement of any material fact, or practiced, or attempted to practice, any deception or fraud in the application of examination, in establishing eligibility, or securing an appointment.

    G. the applicant was previously employed by the City of Cincinnati or Board of Education and was either dismissed or did not resign in good standing within the past 2 years or failed the probationary period for the classification being applied for within the past 2 years.

    H. the applicant, after notification, did not promptly present himself at the time and place designated for the examination.

    I. the applicant failed or withdrew from an examination for the same or similar classification within the preceding six months.

    Applicants wishing to appeal the rejection of their application to the Commission must submit their appeal in writing no later than fourteen calendar days from the date on the rejection notice.