§ 2. Application  

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  • Each applicant shall complete a formal application, in which the applicant shall state the applicants' name, address, and such other information as may reasonably be required concerning applicant's education and experience. The completed application which may consist of a formal application, resume, responses to supplemental questions or other documents specified in the job posting will be the sole criteria in determining an applicants' eligibility for any examination. Information showing that an applicant meets all of the minimum qualifications as stated on the job posting must appear on the completed application. Failure of an applicant to indicate the qualifications as to experience or any other requirements described in the job posting will be considered sufficient cause to exclude an applicant from examination. An applicant may correct an incomplete application as long as any necessary corrections are made prior to the posting deadline. No inquiry shall be made as to religious or political affiliations or as to racial or ethnic origin of the applicant, except, as necessary to gather equal employment opportunity or other statistics that, when compiled, will not identify any specific individual. (OAC 123:1-11-08)