§ 3. Class Specifications Interpreted  

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  • The specifications of classes of positions in the classification plan are hereby declared to have the following force and effect:

    A. They are descriptive and explanatory and are not restrictive. The use of a particular expression or illustration as to duties, qualifications, or other attributes shall not exclude others not mentioned if such others are similar in kind or quality, nor to limit the power of appointing authorities to modify or alter the detailed tasks involved in the duties of any position. When a substantial change of duties outside the current classification is made, except for a temporary period or by the addition of duties that are incidental to the main employment, such change shall be reported to the Commission within 60 days with a view to a possible reclassification of the position.

    B. In determining the allocation of a given position the specifications shall be considered as a whole. Consideration shall be given to the general duties and responsibilities, the examples of duties cited, the minimum entrance qualifications, and relationships to other classes as affording an inclusive picture of the employment the class is intended to embrace.