§ 1. Commission Minutes  

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  • The Secretary shall keep record of such official actions of the Commission as are required under these rules. The Commission's minutes shall record all matters. Examples of such matters are:

    A. Appeals from dismissal, separation, demotion, suspension of more than three working days, displacement, layoff, disqualification for promotional exam;

    B. Appeals of the results of a classification study, rejection of an application;

    C. Reinstatements of former classified employees to their positions and replacements of names on and removal of names from eligible lists;

    D. Transfers from one department to another;

    E. Temporary promotions;

    F. Exemptions from competitive examinations in the case of exceptional appointments, promotion without exam;

    G. Changes in the classification of individual employees and/or positions, or changes in the content of the official class specification;

    H. Approval of, or changes in, examination schedules, special examiners;

    I. Approval of Eligibility lists of examinations; and

    J. Notices of personnel actions resulting from collective bargaining agreements between the City or Board of Education with an authorized employee organization under provisions of Ohio Revised Code Section 4117.08.