§ 4. Powers and Duties of the Commission  

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  • The Commission is required to administer and enforce the State Civil Service Laws and its own rules which sustain the State Civil Service Laws. As an administrative body, it is responsible for the legal advertising of all entrance and promotional civil service examinations; the conduct and grading of these examinations, the determination of rules and regulations governing examination conduct and other matters covered in the State Civil Service Laws; the classification of all positions; and the review of such human resources transactions as transfers, reinstatements, emergency and exceptional appointments for conformity with law.

    In addition, it has the appellate function of hearing appeals from certain suspensions, dismissals and demotions.

    Whenever the Commission has reason to believe that any officer, Board, Commission, or person concerned with appointments, layoff, suspension, or removal, has abused such power by making or recommending any action in violation of the State Civil Service Laws or these rules, it shall be the duty of the Commission to make an investigation, and if it shall find that such violation of the provisions or intent and the spirit of the law or rules has occurred, it shall make a report thereof to the chief appointing authority involved, who shall have the power to remove forthwith such guilty officer, Board, Commission or person, an opportunity first being given to such officer, Board, Commission or person of being heard publicly in person or by counsel in his own defense.