§ 2. Civil Service Secretary  

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  • The Director of Human Resources functions as the City Human Resources Officer and the Civil Service Secretary pursuant to the provision of Article 5, Section 2 of the Charter of the City of Cincinnati, which states:

    The City Manager shall appoint the secretary of the Civil Service Commission, who shall act as the human resources officer of the city government and must be a person experienced in human resources work. He shall also act as chief examiner and superintend the examinations subject to the direction of the Commission. He shall appoint all of his subordinates.

    The City Manager may designate some other officer of the City, on a temporary basis, to perform the duties of the Civil Service Secretary in case of the absence or disability of the Director of Human Resources.

    The Civil Service Secretary, subject to the approval of the Commission, shall supervise its office and have charge of the preparation of examination schedules, the holding of examinations, the certification of eligibles, the keeping of records, and the preparation of policies and procedures prescribing the detailed proceedings to be followed in the administration of these rules and in carrying on the routine of business. He shall appoint such subordinates as may be necessary and shall recommend the names of special examiners for appointment by the Commission. He shall maintain official records of the acts of the Commission. He shall have such authority to take action on routine civil service matters as is delegated to him by the Commission and recorded in the minutes of the Commission.