§ 9.  

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  • The term "classified service" comprises all of the following types of service in the City and the Board of Education not specifically included in the unclassified service. Classified employees are subject to examination and fitness tests, and appointments in the classified service require approval of the Civil Service Commission.

    A. "Permanent employee" means any employee in the civil service who has been regularly appointed after serving a probationary period to a position normally involving continuous year round service.

    B. "Temporary employee" means an employee appointed on an interim or temporary basis without regard to the rules of RC 124.01 to 124.64. The temporary appointment may not continue longer than one hundred twenty days, and in no case shall successive temporary appointments be made. A temporary appointment longer than one hundred and twenty days may be made if necessary by reason of sickness or disability of a regular employee. Such temporary appointment shall continue only during such period of sickness or disability or other approved leave of absence. (RC 124.30)

    C. "Seasonal employee" signifies any employee in the classified service whose services are required only during certain parts of the year, such a position being intermittent or broken in nature. (Refer to OAC 123:1-25-04)

    D. "Provisional employee" means an employee in the classified service that is appointed to a position under section RC 124.3, and either demonstrates merit and fitness for the position by successfully completing the probationary period for the position or remains in the position for six months of continuous service, whichever period is longer, shall become a permanent appointee in the classified service at the conclusion of that period.