§ 10.  

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  • The term "unclassified and casual (part-time) service" comprises the following which shall be exempt from examination and do not have appeal rights to the Civil Service Commission:

    A. All officers elected by popular vote or persons appointed to fill vacancies in such offices;

    B. All election officers and employees and clerks of the Board of Education;

    C. Such employees of the City Council as are engaged in legislative duties;

    D. The members of all boards and commissions, and the heads of the departments;

    E. Employees engaged in library work or in teaching, educational or research work in connection with the public school system;

    F. Employees in Community Development and City Planning Departments;

    G. Four Administrative Specialists, Administrative Technicians or Clerk Typist 3's and one Administrative Specialist for elective offices and each of the principal executive officers, boards or commissions, except the Civil Service Commission, authorized to appoint such classifications.

    H. The deputies of principal executive officers authorized by law to act for and in place of their principals and holding a fiduciary relationship to such principals;

    I. Assistants to the City Solicitor;

    J. Student employees of the Board of Education or the City of Cincinnati (co-ops and interns included); and

    K. "Temporary employees" appointed for an emergency which requires extra persons without delay. Appointment may be made without regard for an existing list or these rules. Such appointments are unclassified, require Civil Service Commission approval, and are limited to 120 days. A person may not serve consecutive temporary appointments.