§ 2. Appeals to the Commission for All Other Actions

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  • An employee may appeal the results of a classification study, rejection of application, or the grading of an examination by filing a notice of appeal with the Civil Service Commission. The notice of appeal must be in writing and filed with the Commission not later than fourteen calendar days from the date of notice.

    A. Contents of Appeals: All appeals to the Commission shall be written. Notices of appeal should include the following information:

    1. The appellant's name, address and telephone number;

    2. The name of the appointing authority and/or department/division;

    3. A description or summary of the action which is being appealed.

    Failure to supply the information listed above may result in dismissal of the appeal. Prior to dismissing the appeal, the Commission shall attempt to obtain the required information from the appellant. Appellants shall notify the Commission, in writing, of any change of address during the pendency of the appeal.

    B. Procedure in Classification Appeals: The parties in appeals of classification studies are the employee who is incumbent in the position, his principal appointive officer, and the authority which conduct the classification study.

    The Commission shall conduct a fact-finding hearing to determine the duties which are performed by the incumbent in the affected position. The witnesses shall be limited to the affected employee, his immediate supervisor, a representative of the appointing authority and the designee of the authority who conducted the classification study unless there is substantial disparity in their testimony or other reason to believe their testimony is inaccurate, to be determined by the Commission. Examination of the witnesses shall be conducted by the Commission, subject to further limited examination by the parties.

    The Commission shall compare the duties performed by the incumbent employee to the appropriate class specifications and determine the classification which most appropriately describes the duties performed in the affected position.