§ 3. Felony Conviction

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  • An employee of the City of Cincinnati convicted of a felony immediately forfeits their status as a classified employee in public employment on and after the date of the conviction for the felony. If an officer or employee is removed under this section as a result of being convicted of a felony or is subsequently convicted of a felony that involves the same conduct that was the basis for removal, the officer or employee is barred from receiving any compensation after the removal notwithstanding any modifications or disaffirmance of the removal, unless the conviction for the felony is subsequently reversed or annulled. Any person removed for conviction of a felony is entitled to a cash payment for any accrued but unused personal, compensatory time and vacation leave as authorized by law.

    As used in the section, "felony" means any of the following: (1) a felony that is an offense of violence as defined by Section 2901.01 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC); (2) a felony that is a felony drug abuse offense as defined by Section 2925.01 of the ORC; (3) a felony under the laws of this state or the United States that is a crime of moral turpitude; (4) a felony involving dishonest, fraud or theft; or (5) a felony that is a violation of Section 2921.05, 2921.32, 2921.42 of the ORC.