§ 2. Background Investigations

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  • The Commission shall maintain a list of sensitive job classifications or positions for which background investigations shall comprise a portion of the selection process. Applicants competing on entrance or promotional examinations for a classification or position which is considered sensitive must submit to a background investigation, after a department has determined that the applicant is qualified and has made a contingent offer of employment. Such rejection or removal shall be accomplished by a written notice from the Secretary, and the applicant shall have the right to appeal such removal or rejection to the Civil Service Commission.

    All background investigations for sensitive classifications or positions shall be initiated by the Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department shall notify the appropriate investigative agency of the need to conduct background investigations for certain applicants. The results of the background investigations shall be transmitted in confidence by the investigative agency to the Human Resources Department. The Secretary may notify the principal appointive officer of the results of such an investigation for the purpose of removing the applicant from the selection process, or if the background investigation results in information which adversely affects the applicants' performance in the classification or position in which he is currently serving.

    Classification Reason Code(s)
    Accountant & Senior Accountant
    Administrative Specialist (HR related duties, Health/Vital Records Section) 6,9
    Administrative Technician (Human Resources, Health/Vital Records Section) 6,9
    Airport Manager
    Assistant City Manager
    Assistant Director of Human Resources 6,9
    Assistant Finance Director
    Assistant Fire Alarm Operator and Dispatcher* 8
    Assistant Health Laboratory Manager*
    Assistant Operator and Dispatcher 8
    Assistant to the City Manager
    Automotive Mechanic 7
    Automotive Mechanic Helper 7
    Budget & Evaluation Director
    Building Plans and Examiner Analyst 3
    Buyer & Senior Buyer 2,6
    Case Worker Associate 1,4,7,8
    CCA Director
    Chemist & Senior Chemist 5,8
    City Solicitor
    City Treasurer & Deputy City Treasurer 2
    Clerk/Clerk Typist 2 (Health/Vital Records Section) 6,9
    Clerk Typist 3 (Human Resources) 6,9
    Clinical Medical Laboratory Technician 5
    Community Center Director 4
    Contract Compliance Officer
    Contract Compliance Specialist & Senior Contract Compliance Specialist 3,6
    Computer Operator* 8
    Computer Programmer Analyst 8
    Computer Systems Analyst 8
    Crime Analyst 1,2,4,5,6,7,8
    Customer Relations Representative (Health/Vital Records Section) 6,9
    Dental Assistant 5
    Dental Hygienist 5
    Division Manager
    Economic Development Director
    Emergency 911 Operator 9
    Environmental Programs Manager
    Environmental Safety Specialist & Senior Environmental Safety Specialist
    Fire Recruit 2
    Health Laboratory Director*
    Home Health Aide 1,5,7
    Human Resources Analyst & Senior Human Resources Analyst
    Information Technology Coordinator
    Industrial Waste Inspector & Industrial Waste Investigator 3,6,8
    Inspector 1,3,6
    Internal Audit Manager
    Internal Auditor & Senior Internal Auditor
    Laboratory Technician 5
    Litter Control Officer 3,6,10
    Medical Assistant 5
    Nature Education Center Director 4
    Nurse Practitioner 1,5
    Park Naturalist 4
    Parking Attendant* 2
    Parking Enforcement Officer* 6,10
    Parking Meter Collector* 2
    Parking Superintendent
    Pension Fund Manager
    Pharmacist 5
    Pharmacy Director
    Pharmacy Technician 5
    Plant Operator (Water Works) 5,8
    Police Recruit 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10
    Public Health Nurse 1,5
    Public Vehicle Investigator 6
    Radio Operator Technician 6
    Reproduction Machine Operator 7,9
    Sanitarian in Training, Sanitarian & Senior Sanitarian 1,3,4,5,6,7,8
    Senior Computer Programmer Analyst 8
    Sewer Construction Inspector 6
    Storekeeper 7
    Supervising Human Resources Analyst 6,9
    Supervising Management Analyst (Internal Audit)
    Technical Systems Analyst 8
    Utility Technician 1
    Vital Statistics Coordinator
    Water Customer Service Representative 1,2
    Water Works Dispatcher 2
    Water Works Guard 8,10
    Water Works Valve Operator 8