§ 1. Criteria for Determining that a Classification or Position is Sensitive  

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  • Certain classifications or positions shall be considered sensitive in nature if the duties involve any of the following factors:

    1. Access to a private home;

    2. Handling of money and/or negotiable instruments;

    3. Inspections for granting licenses, approval of work being done, etc.;

    4. Contact with children;

    5. Access to chemicals, drugs and/or medications;

    6. Exposure to possibility of bribery or extortion;

    7. Opportunity for pilferage;

    8. Concerned with community security (e.g., police and fire protection, water supply, computer programs);

    9. Access to sensitive information;

    10. Possession of weapons, e.g. firearm, chemical irritant, batons, etc.

    11. Any other factor which is determined by the Commission to be a job- related concern sufficient to consider the classification as sensitive.