§ 3.

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  • Any permanent employee who has been voluntarily demoted and is in good standing may be:

    A. Reinstated to a vacancy in his former classification with the agreement of the department head and the approval of the Commission, within a year from the date of the voluntary demotion, provided there is no existing promotional eligible list for the classification and there are no employees who have been laid off and whose names appear on a layoff list for the classification.

    B. Restored to the appropriate eligible list with the approval of the Commission within a period of one year from the date of the voluntary demotion. The employee will be placed on the eligible list in accordance with the grade he received if the list from which he was appointed is still in effect. In the case that the eligible list from which he was appointed has expired, or if the employee requesting to be restored to the eligible list for a classification from which they previously served but did not take an examination, the employee will be placed at the bottom of the appropriate eligible list.