§ 4. Retention Points  

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  • Retention points need to be calculated for permanent employees only. An employee's total retention points shall be the sum of the base retention points plus the retention points assigned for continuous service and for relative efficiency in service.

    A. Credit for Continuous Service: Credit for a complete month of service will be given for any calendar month in which an employee is employed in the layoff jurisdiction as established under these rules. Each employee is to receive 2.175 retention points for each completed month of continuous service in the layoff jurisdiction. Authorized military leave or Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) shall not be considered as an interruption of continuous service. Retention points will not be given for service in the fire or police forces, nor for service as a student, temporary or emergency employee, nor for service as an Emergency Employment Act or Public Service Employee or other similar type of employee. Service shall be considered to be noncontinuous when an employee:

    1. Quits or resigns; however, if resignation is followed by reinstatement within one year, credit for continuous service prior to resignation will be given but no credit will be given for the time between resignation and reinstatement;

    2. Is discharged for just cause;

    3. Is laid off for a period of more than twelve (12) consecutive months (Non Represented), thirty-six (36) consecutive months (AFSCME) or forty-eight (48) consecutive months (CODE). If an employee is laid off and recalled, credit for continuous service prior to the layoff will be given but no credit will be given for the time the employee was actually laid off;

    4. Transfers to the unclassified service and returns to the classified service. Credit for continuous service prior to the transfer to the unclassified service and following return to the classified service will be given but no credit will be given for the time served in the unclassified service.

    B. Base Retention Points: Two hundred (200) additional points are added to those earned in section A to yield the employee's total seniority points.

    C. Credit for Efficiency:

    Performance Evaluation Point Value
    Exceptional 2
    Exceeds Expectations 1.5
    Meets Expectations 1
    Needs Improvement .5
    Unacceptable 0


    Performance Evaluation Point Value
    Excellent 20
    Very Good 15
    Satisfactory 10
    Improvement Needed 0
    Unsatisfactory 0