§ 1. Interdepartmental Transfers  

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  • An employee in the classified service who has served the required probationary period in his current classification may be transferred from a position in one department to a position in the same or similar class and same pay (based on top salary steps) for which they are qualified, in another department, with the consent of the employee to be transferred and the director of the department to which the employee is to be transferred, with the approval of the Civil Service Commission. An additional probationary period is not given in such interdepartmental transfers.

    Employees of the Board of Education may not transfer to a City position, nor may City employees transfer to a Board position; employees of the City and the Board of Education may apply for open to the public entry-level positions in either jurisdiction for which they are qualified.

    Nothing stated here regarding transfers shall be construed to interfere with the right of the city Manager or other appointing authorities to assign or reassign employees within a given class among the various departments under their control as deemed in the best interest of the service (Rule 8, section 6).