§ 6. Inspection of Examination Papers  

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  • A. The Civil Service Secretary shall set forth reasonable regulations to govern the administration of the review period including the setting of dates, times, and location for review. Examination material shall be available for inspection only after the Commission has determined its availability will not threaten the security or reuse of the examination. Inspection shall not be permitted of standardized tests prepared by experts outside the city service, where such inspection is specifically prohibited by the preparer or where such inspection would tend to reduce the validity of the test results.

    After the grading of such examination papers, any participant in the examination who deems his examination papers have been erroneously graded shall have the right to appeal to the Commission.

    B. Inspection of examination papers for uniformed fire positions are subject to the rules listed above in Section 6(A). However, in the case that the Commission finds an error in the rating key or answer, it shall publish a revised rating key or answer. The revised rating key or answer shall then be available to participants subsequent to such determination of error or errors. In addition, review of promotional examination materials for uniformed fire and police positions is restricted to one visit per day. Each visit is limited to a maximum of two hours. The number of visits during the entire review period shall not exceed a total of two.