§ 2. Qualifications for Promotional Examinations  

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  • All classified permanent employees who meet the qualifications as established by the Civil Service Commission shall be eligible to take promotional examinations for a higher classification, for an equivalent (but not the same) classification, or for a classification in a lower grade within a different classification series, except:

    A. Employees for whom the last annual performance evaluation was less than satisfactory for Police, 7.5 rating points or 6.5 promotion points;

    B. Employees for whom two of the last three annual performance evaluations was a "does not meets expectations" (OAC 123:1-23-03);

    C. Employees who have been demoted to a lower classification as a result of a disciplinary action in the twelve month period preceding the examination;

    D. Employees who fail their probationary period in the twelve month period preceding the examination, unless, in the judgment of the Civil Service Secretary, the failure will not affect their usefulness in some other type of employment.

    The Secretary, subject to appeal to the Commission, may reject any application from an employee who had failed or withdrawn from an examination for the same or similar classification within the preceding six months. Temporary transfer and/or temporary promotion time will not be counted for examination eligibility purposes. The Civil Service Commission will consider requests for waiving the time in grade eligibility requirement only from those individuals who are within fifteen days of meeting such requirement. At least one-half of the required work experience must have taken place within the five years immediately preceding the examination, unless specified otherwise on the announcement. Time in grade requirements for examination eligibility shall be established by the Civil Service Commission and shall be those requirements as stated on the official classification specification. Furthermore, the specification for each classification shall be considered as an addendum to these Rules.

    Applicants wishing to appeal the rejection of their application to the Commission must submit their appeal in writing no later than fourteen calendar days from the date on the rejection notice.