§ 10. Temporary Promotions  

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  • The Civil Service Commission may approve an interim or temporary promotion to a higher classification when requested by a department head. Temporary promotions may be made due to sickness, disability or other absence of a regular employee, or due to a position vacancy pending filling of the position permanently. The employee recommended for temporary promotion must meet the qualification and eligibility requirements of the higher classification. All such temporary promotions shall be recorded in the minutes of the Commission. Temporary promotions may be made for a period not to exceed three pay periods (six weeks), after which the promotion must be rotated among all other interested and qualified eligibles in the employing unit. The Commission will consider requests for exception to the rotation requirement where it can be shown that a serious operational problem and/or serious inequity would result from the rotation. Requests for temporary promotion shall include:

    A. The name of the vacant classification and number of vacancies;

    B. Number of qualified and eligible employees for the promotion;

    C. The plan for rotation, including designation of pay periods each nominee will serve, or plan against rotation; and

    D. Reasons for the plan.