§ 1. Commission to Rule on Promotional Examinations  

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  • The term "Promotional Examination" signifies a test to determine the relative standing of applicants for positions in a specified class and is open only to employees in the classified permanent service who, at the time of the examination, are serving actively in other specified classes for such a period as may be prescribed by the Commission, or otherwise meet the qualifications established by the Commission. Vacancies above the lowest grade of any classification series shall be filled whenever practical by the promotion of employees in the classified permanent service. In the event there are no qualified applicants or an insufficient number of qualified applicants to take a promotional examination, or if a promotional examination is given and an insufficient number of applicants pass the examination to satisfy the certification requirements, then an open-to-the-public examination may be announced. The Commission shall determine whether a promotional examination for employees whose experience would be preparation for the higher position shall be held or whether an open-to-the-public examination shall be scheduled. (See Rule 07, Section 6 regarding Eligible Lists Resulting from an Open and promotional examination.)

    Promotions in every case shall involve definite permanent changes in duties and an increase in responsibilities and shall not be made merely to increase compensation.