§ 1. Probationary Period  

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  • All classified appointments, including temporary appointments, shall be for a probationary period, fixed by the Commission in accordance with Chapter 124 of the Ohio Revised Code. Length of probationary periods for City of Cincinnati classifications is contained in the official classification and salary schedule entitled "Salary Schedule (year), Department of Human Resources," which is hereby made part of these rules. No final appointment or promotion shall be deemed made until the appointee has satisfactorily served his probationary period. In determining the probationary period of a Board of Education seasonal or school year employee, only periods when such employee is on work status shall be counted.

    If a probationary employee is absent because of military duty or illness for a substantial portion of his probationary period, the Commission may extend his probationary period by the number of working days not exceeding the length of time he was absent.