§ 4.  

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  • Any permanent employee who was separated in good standing may be:

    A. Reinstated within one year from the date of such separation to a vacancy in the same or similar classification in the same department, with the approval of the Commission, provided there is no existing promotional eligible list and there are no employees who have been laid off and whose names appear on a layoff list for the class. This section is applicable unless superseded by a collective bargaining agreement. If such separation was due to injury or physical disability, such person shall be reinstated to the same or similar classification he held at the time of his separation, within thirty days after written application for reinstatement and after passing a physical examination made by the City Physician or his designee, showing that he has recovered from such disability or is able to perform the essential duties of the classification with or without accommodation, provided further that such application for reinstatement be filed within two years from the date of separation, and further provided that such application shall not be filed after the date of service eligibility retirement. In the case of requested reinstatements of sworn employees of the Police and Fire Divisions, a copy of the reinstatement request shall be furnished to the appropriate department head or to the Fire Chief or Police Chief as appropriate. (Sworn employees of the Police and Fire Divisions may not be reinstated above the rank of Police Officer and Fire Fighter, and must pass a physical examination disclosing that the person is physically fit to perform the duties of the office of Police Officer or Fire Fighter (ORC 125.50); or

    B. Restored to an appropriate eligible list with the approval of the Commission within a period of one year from the date of separation. The employee will be placed on the eligible list in accordance with the grade he received if the list from which he was appointed is still in effect. In the case that the eligible list from which he was appointed has expired, or if an employee requesting to be restored to an eligible list for a classification in which they previously served did not take an examination, the employee will be placed at the bottom of the appropriate eligible list.