§ 3.  

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  • Under special circumstances the following appointments may be made:

    A. Exceptional Appointments: In case of a vacancy in a position in the classified service where peculiar and exceptional qualifications of a scientific, managerial, professional or educational character are required, and upon satisfactory evidence that for specified reasons competition in such special case is impracticable and that the position can be best filled by a selection of some designated person of high and recognized attainments in such qualities, the Commission may suspend the provisions of the statute requiring competition, but no suspension shall be general in application, and all such cases of suspension shall be recorded in the minutes of the Commission with the reason stated.

    B. Temporary Appointments: Use of temporary appointments shall be in accordance with Sections 124.30 of the Ohio Revised Code.

    Temporary Appointments may be made when there is urgent need to fill a position and Civil Service is unable to certify a list of eligible persons. Temporary appointments may not continue longer than 120 days; except if the temporary appointment is due to sickness, disability, or other approved leave of absence of a regular employee, the temporary appointment may continue as long as the leave. Temporary appointments shall not be made successively. An employee who serves in a temporary appointment for a period of six months of continuous service and who demonstrates merit and fitness for the position shall become a permanent appointee in the classified service at the end of the six months.