§ 1. Certification and Appointment Process  

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  • Immediately upon receipt of a request for certification, the Commission shall certify to the appointing authority in which a position in the classified service is to be filled, the names, addresses and rank of the top 25% or a minimum of ten names standing highest on the eligible list for the class or grade to which the position belongs; provided that the Commission may certify less than ten names if ten names are not available. When less than six names are certified to an appointing authority, appointment from the list shall not be mandatory, and a new examination may be secured.

    A person certified from an eligible list more than four times to the same appointing authority for the same or similar position may be removed from further consideration.

    A. Certification of Municipal Workers for Permanent Positions: When an employing unit which employs Municipal Worker has a permanent vacancy in a class in which Unskilled Laborers are employed, this permanent vacancy shall be filled from among the three Municipal Workers of that employing unit with the highest seniority. When an employing unit has a permanent vacancy and does not employ Municipal Workers in the classification, the ten Municipal Workers with the highest seniority from employing units where Municipal Workers are employed will be certified for consideration.

    B. Cancellation of Certification: If at any time after eligibles have been certified by the Commission, the appointing authority decides not to fill the vacancy or decides to fill the vacancy by other methods approved by the Commission, the certification shall be canceled.

    C. Employment Interview and Result: Any appointing authority or his authorized representative shall be privileged to examine the application and test(s) scores of applicants prior to the interview, should this be desired in determining the relative fitness of persons under consideration for appointment.

    D. Appointment Date: The date on which the appointing authority signs the appointment form is the official appointment date regardless of the actual starting date of employment. All applicable benefits and service credit will be counted from the appointment date.

    E. Appointments in Uniformed Fire and Police Service Resulting from Promotion: Appointments in a promoted rank within the Fire Department shall be made within ten days following certification. Appointments in a promoted rank within the Police Department shall be made within thirty days following certification.