Rule 35. Public Hunting  

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  • The Park Board shall promulgate a form of permitted hunting that will permit the legal use and discharge of weapons allowable under the Cincinnati Municipal Code Sections 708-26 and 708-27 within Cincinnati Parks in compliance with State of Ohio game and hunting laws, in order to control the deer overpopulation that is destroying the urban forest.

    The program requires that the following conditions are met:

    1. Safety is the top priority of this program. All approved permit holders must have demonstrated that they have:

    (a) Passed the written portion of the Ohio Hunter Education Course;

    (b) Attended a Park Board sponsored orientation and training session;

    (c) Successfully completed a Park Board sponsored shooting skill qualification test; and

    (d) Possesses a current Ohio hunting license and deer permit.

    2. All State of Ohio Bow Hunting Regulations must be followed, including:

    (a) All deer harvested must be checked in at a local State of Ohio check station;

    (b) Equipment must conform to the State of Ohio Archery equipment requirements;

    (c) Hunting hours as set forth by the State of Ohio.

    3. Hunters are chosen through a lottery system administered by the Cincinnati Park Board. Park Board decision on who is permitted and permitted location is final. Selected hunters will receive written authorization by the Park Board for marked locations only.

    4. Whitetail deer are the only animal that will be permitted for hunting. Participants are allowed to take as many deer as allowed by State Law using State of Ohio Urban and Regular Deer permits.

    5. All other rules and regulations promulgated by the Park Board.

(Enacted eff. Dec. 16, 2011)