Rule 34. Reservations  

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  • The park board has designated various areas and venues that any person or group of persons may reserve for the exclusive use of that person or group of persons. These areas and venues include reservable facilities, group picnic areas, picnic shelters, garden wedding areas, bandstands, and music pavilions.

    Any person or group of persons who wishes to make a reservation must contact the park board or its designee to complete the reservation process. The park board will issue reservations on a first come, first served basis provided that the applicant satisfies each of the following objective factors:

    (1) The requested location, date, and time are available and the size and type of the requested event does not exceed the carrying capacity of the park;

    (2) The applicant pays the applicable fee set forth in the park board's schedule of fees; and

    (3) The applicant agrees to comply with all park board rules and regulations and the terms of the permit.

    No person shall interfere with the exclusive use of a person or group of persons who hold a valid reservation authorized by this rule.

    A reservation is solely for the use of the area or venue. A reservation does not entitle a person or group of persons to the use of electricity, the installation of temporary structures, or the services of park board employees. If a person or group of persons requires any of those services, that person or group of persons must utilize the special use permit process in Rule 29.

(Enacted Oct. 20, 2011; a. eff. Dec. 16, 2011; a. eff. Dec. 15, 2012)