Rule 29. Special Use Permits for Events and Structures  

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  • If a group of 50 or more persons wishes to obtain the exclusive use of an area of park property that has not been designated as an area that may be reserved under Rule 34, that group shall obtain a special use permit.

    If a person or group of persons wishes to erect or install a structure on park property, that person or group of persons shall obtain a special use permit.

    Applications for special use permits may be obtained from the park board. All applications must be submitted to the park board.

    The park board will issue special use permits on a first come, first served basis provided that the applicant satisfies each of the following objective factors:

    (1) The applicant submits a legible, completed application form;

    (2) For an event, the requested location, date, and time are available and the size and type of the requested event does not exceed the carrying capacity of the park;

    (3) For a structure, the requested location, date, and time are available and the structure does not obstruct entrances, exits, passageways, or the safe movement of pedestrians;

    (4) The applicant agrees to pay the applicable fee set forth in the park board's schedule of fees;

    (5) The applicant obtains any applicable permits or licenses required by the Board of Health, the Cincinnati Department of Buildings and Inspections, the Cincinnati Police Department, the Cincinnati Fire Department, the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Liquor Control, and any other required permits or licenses; and

    (6) The applicant agrees to comply with all park board rules and regulations and the terms of the permit.

    No person shall interfere with carrying out of the special use authorized by a permit issued pursuant this rule.

    The park board or its authorized agent may revoke or suspend any permit upon violation of any provision of these rules and regulations, the Cincinnati Municipal Code, or any other law.

(PR Rule 30 and Rule 31; enacted by Resolution of Feb. 4, 1932; renumbered to Rule 29, Apr. 6, 1978; a. Oct. 20, 2011; a. eff. Dec. 16, 2011; a. eff. Dec. 15, 2012)